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Summer woofs: A guide to summer wellness

By :Ananya Hebbar 0 comments
Summer woofs: A guide to summer wellness

Ah Summer! It's the season of sunny fiestas, beach days, soaking up that Vitamin D and belly rubs galore. But while we’re busy slathering on sunscreens and sipping lemonade, our pets might be panting for a little extra TLC in heat. As a responsible pet parent, it's essential to be aware of some summer-specific pet care tips to ensure our four-legged companions stay happy and healthy all season long.

The Fluf-fit by Fond comes equipped with an advanced temperature sensor that enables cutting-edge remote monitoring. This innovative feature allows for early detection of potential heat stroke in your dog, providing peace of mind and prompt intervention when needed.

But apart from that, here are a few tricks that can keep your pet happy and wagging during the heat months. So, let's dive in and explore a few things you need to know to be the coolest pet parent on the block this summer! 


Max on Hydration :

Just like us, our pets need plenty of water to stay cool and refreshed during the sizzling summer months. But why stick to plain old H2O when you can jazz things up with hydrating fruits and veggies like juicy watermelons and crisp cucumbers? It's a paw-some way to keep your pet's thirst quenched with a splash of summer flavour!


Freshen up that bowl: 

As the mercury rises, so does the water in their bowls! Keep their water bowls topped up with fresh, cool water, and maybe even add a few ice cubes for an extra chill factor. Keep things cool by swapping out their water regularly throughout the day.


Timing is everything: 

When it comes to outdoor adventures, timing is everything! Ditch the midday heat by scheduling walks and playtime during the cooler morning or evening hours. It's a win-win situation: you get to enjoy all the summer fun without worrying about your furry sidekick overheating. 


Stay Away from Tummy  troubles: 

The warm summer months may bring worries and discomfort for our pet’s sensitive digestive system. Avoid this situation by ensuring that they’re promptly dewormed. By staying on top of their deworming schedule, you can effectively combat potential parasites and safeguard our pets' gastrointestinal health. 


Protect those paws and keep them tick free: 

Protect your pet’s precious paws from those scorching pavements and pesky parasites. Invest in some paw-friendly booties for those hot sidewalks and arm them with tick protection to keep those little critters at bay. 


When the sun is blazing and the heat is on, sometimes all you need is a little chill time with your furry bestie. Set up a shady spot in the backyard, kick back with a cool drink, and indulge in some quality cuddle time with your pet. With these tips in your back pocket, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever summer throws your way, all while keeping your furry baby’s whisker’s twitching with glee. It's the perfect way to beat the heat, bond with your furry friend, and savor the sweet moments of summer together!

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