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How to help your dog lose weight

By :Mishika Jain 0 comments
How to help your dog lose weight

Maintaining your dog’s fitness is an important aspect of being a pet parent. You may think your overweight dog is adorable just the way it is, but the reality of the situation is that it may now be at risk for obesity and a range of other health issues.

  1. Keep track of how much you feed your pet
    When it comes to long term weight management for your dog, it’s critical to define a concrete benchmark for how much to feed. This entails calculating the number of calories your dog requires on a daily basis. This can be accomplished by meticulously monitoring and managing your dog’s body weight through regular weighing and using feeding standards as a guideline for how much to feed your dog based on their age and level of physical activity.
    The Fond Foodie is an automatic smart pet feeder that monitors your pet’s eating habits and allows you to customise your pet diet. Our automatic dispenser aids in weight loss in dogs.
  2. Increase Exercise
    Although food is important, no weight loss is complete without exercise. Walking is the most obvious and important activity for your dog. Regular walks not only exercise your dog’s body, but they also provide important mental stimulation and the all-important opportunity to sniff. The amount of walking your dog requires or desires is determined by their breed and overall health.
  3. Keep an eye on your dog’s treat consumption
    One other method to assist your dog in losing weight is to control and possibly reduce their treat intake. Treats are often useful training aids and it’s entertaining to watch the excitement they create. However, it’s critical to keep track of how many treats your dog consumes in a day and their caloric impact. Treats should be considered and should not exceed 10% of total daily calories.
  4. Keep an eye out for medical issues that may be contributing to your pet’s weight gain
    Consult your veterinarian to determine whether your pet has a medical condition that is contributing to his or her excess weight. If your dog is given the all-clear, talk to them about a weight-loss plan that is both safe and effective.
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