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Media Kit

Media Kit

Media Kit

This page is the perfect spot to learn all about the Fond journey and access more information such as images and descriptions of Fond’s range of products and services.

The content in Fond’s media kit may only be used for editorial purposes. You may not use this content for personal or commercial purposes without express permission from the company. If you have any questions, please drop an email to

About Fond, A brief note : 

Fond Solutions is a personalized pet wellness company that aims in making pet parenting easy using deep tech. Fond has two products namely , Foodie and FlufFit. Foodie is a smart automatic dry food dispenser for dog food that is compatible with majority of dry dog food products in the Indian market. The FlufFit is a pet fitness tracker. Fond FlufFit and Foodie work together as a system to enable remote health monitoring of pets. All the data is received by the user through our Fond App.

Fond FulfFit : 

Fond FulfFit v1 is the perfect companion for your four-legged friend. The smart pod sits comfortably on the collar of your pet and records its daily activity and body temperature for the day. The pod is made of ABS plastic with a C-type charging port. it has a battery life of 30 days(depending on usage). FlufFit gives health insights and abnormality alerts about the pet to the user via the fond app. FlufFit can be used as an individual device or as a combo with the Fond Foodie.

Fond Foodie :

Foodie is a smart automatic pet food dispenser designed to cater to the needs of your fluffy! 

Its rigid fiber body is chew-proof to withstand any kind of food aggression. The high friction base ensures low movement of the foodie while the pet eats. Foodie comes with a steel bowl in it that is removable for cleaning purposes. The top overhead container is made of transparent acrylic with an acrylic lid and can easily store up to 2kg of pet food depending on the kibble size. The transparent overhead container allows easy access for you to check the food level and refill the container, however, being strong enough not to be knocked down by your pet. Foodie is compatible with dispensing all varieties of dry foods from famous food brands including Pedigree, Royal Canin, Drools etc. The food bowl is covered with a lid to ensure food consumption is limited to the pet wearing the paired Fond FlufFit, also preventing insect infestation. Foodie needs to be paired with its corresponding FlufFit to be used.

Pricing and Mode of purchase : 

The Fond FlufFit can be bought at Rs.2999/- and the combo of FlufFit and Foodie is available at Rs.9999/-. 

Fond Products are available for purchase only on the Fond website.
There are no in-app purchases. All payments are redirected to the website. 

Founders’ Story : 

There are many examples of animals changing human lives. One of our favorite stories is our own. 

The three of us were classmates and ECE students at PES University. That is where the magic began! Fond was born as a small college project that was motivated by our very own paw pals, Dora the cat and Ksheera the dog.
Having multiple pets is fun, but it comes with its own problems.  In order to help  pet parents like us take informed decisions for their pets’  fitness needs, we designed the Fond Foodie and FlufFit.
We aim to become the  go-to destination of pet parents for their pet’s needs.